The unique combination of properties of a steel belt make it the ideal medium on which to base any food processing operation in which hygiene, durability and corrosion resistance are essential. And it is for this reason that we have supplied hundreds of steel belts for use in tomato sorting tables (also known as merry-go-rounds) and tomato selecting tables.

The citric and malic acids in tomatoes place particular demands on conveyor materials but the high corrosion resistance of IPCO 1200SA belt grade steel makes it the ideal medium for tomato processing.In addition, ease of cleaning ensures the lowest post-wash bacteria levels of any conveyor material and also helps reduce costs through savings in water and detergents. Contact us for advice or other technical support.

Easy cleaning

Smooth, hard and inert, a steel belt is completely non-absorbent and 100% safe with food.

Environmental benefits

A long working life and 100% recyclability makes a steel belt the right environmental choice.


IPCO 1200SA belt grade material offers high resistance to citric and malic acids.