Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors, Group Management team and tools to manage IPCO.

At IPCO, we have a robust governance framework in place to ensure strategic alignment, effective execution, high ethical standards, compliance with laws and regulations, and overall high performance. Our system comprises policies, procedures, a code of conduct, and processes that facilitate sound decision-making, accountability, compliance, controls, and desirable behaviors across our entire business.

IPCO's Board Of Directors

IPCO Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Håkan Buskhe

Board members

Lars Wedenborn
Senior Advisor, FAM AB

Richard Nilsson
Investment Director, FAM AB

Klas Forsström
CEO Munters Group AB

Kerstin Lindell
Chair of the Board at Bona AB

IPCO Group Management welcoming Chinese LongWin to the team after acquisition in October 2023.

IPCO Group Management

Robert Hermans
President & Chief Executive Officer

Madelene Kärvin
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Anders Bodin
Head of R&D

Robert Schortz
Vice President Strategy Execution and M&A

Linda Ahlqvist
Vice President HR, Communication & Sustainability

Johan Sjögren
Vice President EMEA Sales & Service & Head of Business Development

Rob Stivale
Vice President Americas Sales & Service

Shaobai Li
Vice President APAC Sales & Service

Markus Mohr
Managing Director Product Area Equipment

Peter Hamne
Managing Director Product Area Belts