2020  Aquisition of Ingeniera de Procesos S.A.

2019  Acquisition of Extruwork SRL

2017  Divested from Sandvik to FAM AB

2015   Acquisition of SGL Technology, Netherlands

2014   Launch of high precision steel belts for production of ceramic tiles

2014   Investment in the intellectual property of Brimrock Inc,  Canada to expand sulphur processing & handling offer

2014   Investment in a state-of-the-art steel belt leveling plant in Sandviken, Sweden

2013   Acquisition of TechnoPartner Samtronic GmbH, Germany

2012   Invention of the Teflon/Steel Belt Combi Double Belt Press for composite material

2009   Launch of the Rotoform High Speed pastillation system

2007   Divestment of Sandvik Sorting Systems to  Fives-Lille, France

2001   Acquisition of Hindrichs-Auffermann GmbH, Germany

2000   Delivery of the largest Wood Based Panels belt ever   (L: 131 m, W: 4 m, T: 3 mm)

1997   Head Office moved to Sandviken, Sweden

1995   Complete casting & drying process line for polymid film

1991   Start up of complete processing line for Double Belt Press belts

1990   Second wave of Double Belt Presses (for production of plastic material)

1985   World’s largest perforated steel belt – Ultra Washer for   Pulp (L: 72 m, W: 6 m, 90 milllion holes)

1981   Sandvik Process Systems, SPS, founded (Head Office in Fellbach, Germany)

1980   Launch of the Rotoform pastillation system

1969   Sandvik Conveyor GmbH

1966   Invention of the Sandvik Double Belt Press

1935  Launch of the first steel belt cooler for chemical products

1931  Launch of the stainless steel belt

1925  Launch of the world’s first bake oven belt

1901  Launch of the world’s first steel belt conveyor