This process can also be used to produce microporous membranes of a quality unattainable by any other method.
In this process, a polished steel belt is coated with the liquid product. The cast layer is then transported on the belt through a series of carefully controlled phases (usually involving heat and mass transfer).

Once these processes have been completed, the solid formed product is removed from the belt. At this stage the product will be in either final or ‘green’ form, the latter requiring further processing such as leaching or directional orientation.

  • Ultra-efficient continuous production
  • Ability to cast very thin films
  • Film thickness / flatness to fine tolerances
  • High clarity
  • Multiple process zones on the same machine
  • Low stress in the formed film
  • Complete polymerization
  • Ability to produce films from materials which cannot be thermoformed (e.g. polyimide)