The production and processing of hot melts has become an increasingly important market in recent years and we offer a choice of two highly efficient solidification systems, both of which are indirect and therefore completely dry, overcoming the disadvantages of underwater systems.

More than 150 Hot Melt Adhesive plants around the world are now based on IPCO Rotoform.

  • No drying necessary as no contact between product and coolant.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Size reduction in liquid phase.
  • Free flowing and product.
  • Clean production atmosphere.
  • No water or air pollution during pastillation process.
  • Regular appearance, defined weight and volume.
  • High bulk density and good packaging properties.
  • Virtually dust-free production.
  • Suitable for a wide range of Hot Melt Adhesives.
  • Global service / spare parts supply

Rotoform solidification

The process enables the environmentally friendly production of uniform pastilles. As this is a completely dry system, there are none of the problems associated with underwater granulation, and the product leaves the system in a cold, solidified (i.e. non-sticky) state, ensuring clean, trouble-free packaging. Other key benefits of this process include:

  • High quality pastilles, adjustable from 1-36 mm
  • High bulk density
  • Very low dust emissions
  • Very low vapor/gas emissions
  • Very low energy consumption

Hot melt pastillation system


As an alternative to our sidely used Rotoform system, we also offer a stripform process that enables the production of “strip cut on length” granules.

A rotary cutter, specifically developed for this process, cuts the strips into rectangular or square granules. A guiding belt ensures automatic and reliable feeding of the solidified strips into the cutter.

This process is especially well suited to the granulation of very high viscose and sticky products.

Complete system capability

We offer complete hot melt processing systems, covering everything from initial system design right through to granule packaging solutions.

Trials can be carried out on your own products, using the pilot units available at our test centers, and we will use our extensive experience to ensure that your IPCO hot melt processing system meets your specific objectives