IPCO steel belts bring new levels of print speed and accuracy to digital print lines and have applications across a number of areas including packaging and board panels.

Significant improvements in the performance of a digital press and made possible by the fine tolerances to which IPCO steel belts are manufactured – thicknesses of 0.4 mm upwards are available  – and the fact that they are engineered to ensure absolute flatness.

Steel belts are also extremely stable and will not stretch. This results in consistent belt positioning and the distance between print head and print material ensures maximum print accuracy.

IPCO steel belts can be supplied solid or perforated, the latter enabling the use of a vacuum system to eliminate any risk of the print material moving on the belt. These and other features enable print speeds faster than is possible with other belt technologies.


Stable, vibration-free operation for high precision printing


Increased productivity with speeds up to 3x faster


Smooth easy-clean stainless steel for minimal downtime


Long lasting belt material for optimum performance