We offer an extensive range of conveyors and associated components for the conveying of a wide range of products and bulk goods, including food and other hygiene-critical applications. Here are just a few examples of applications for IPCO conveyors:

  • Car bodies (for painting)
  • Meat (at cutting plants)
  • Clean goods such as medicine bottles
  • Coffee mass (at -45°C/-49°F)
  • Sugar conveying
  • Light bulbs
  • Plastic components (at 200°C/390°F)

Conveyor components

We provide a complete range of conveyor components and accessories for steel belt units.

  • Conveyor end stations – Bearings, break points, shafts and sheaves
  • Conveyor skid bars – Graphite stations and skid bars
  • Conveyor tracking solutions – Tracking devices, belt edge detectors and guide rollers