What we do?

The  IPCO Global Service Special Engineering team is available to help internal and external IPCO customers design and improve conveyors, conveyor components, and conveyor technologies, as well as choose the right belt or conveyor part for their specific application.

Our team mission is to increase IPCO’s presence throughout industry and the world and generate trust in our company through sharing our expertise with belts and conveyors. In this way we believe IPCO will find new niches, increase market share and secure future steel belt business.

Whether it’s an end user in industry, an OEM machine builder or a research institution, the Special Engineering team has the knowledge to help the customer find the right belt, the right part, or the right engineering solution for just their application.

For further inquiries, please contact your local representative.



We offer an extensive range of conveyors and associated components for the conveying of a wide range of products and bulk goods, including food and other hygiene-critical applications. Here are just a few examples of applications for IPCO conveyors:

  • Car bodies (for painting)
  • Meat (at cutting plants)
  • Clean goods such as medicine bottles
  • Coffee mass (at -45°C/-49°F)
  • Sugar conveying
  • Light bulbs
  • Plastic components (at 200°C/390°F)