High productivity solidification systems for base chemicals, fertilizers, subcooling melts and more.

Environmentally-friendly solidification systems for all types of chemical products

We have been a close partner to the chemical industry since 1935, when we supplied our first steel belt cooler for resin/wax products and sulphur mixes, and we have continued to supply innovative, high productivity solidification systems to  businesses like yours ever since.

In 1980, we installed our first Rotoform granulation system, and this rapidly became the default solidification process for dozens if not hundreds of chemical products. Now in its 4th generation, today’s environmentally-friendly Rotoform systems handle everything from hot melt adhesives, resins, waxes and sulphur to products with specific process challenges such as high feed temperatures, subcooling melts and GMP compliance.

We can also support you with single or double belt systems for flake production.

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