Fertilizer Production

Fast, efficient and clean processing of multi-nutrient fertilizer melts into uniform pastilles in a single step.

Grow market share with enhanced, multi-nutrient fertilizer products

The benefits of multi-nutrient fertilizers present significant opportunities for growth for chemical producers. Our ability to supply complete in-line mixing, solidification and handling systems gives you a low cost, low risk entry route into this lucrative market.

Grinding and mixing solutions for multi-nutrient fertilizer 

We can supply the upstream blending and grinding units to combine liquid and solid products into suspensions, enabling the production of speciality products such as: 

This makes it ideal for upgrade projects, removing bottlenecks or the production of special fertilizer products. 

In short, we can supply you with a complete turnkey system for processing products including fertilizer urea, technical grade urea and speciality urea products such as urea + ammonium sulphate (UAS). 

IPCO fertiliser processing in numbers



Rotoform on-stream factor of



TPD – capacity (depending on the product)



Rotoform systems installed worldwide


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