The production and processing of hot melts has become an increasingly important market in recent years. Our Rotoform system provides an extremely efficient and environmentally friendly solidification solution for hot melts, delivering consistently sized pastilles through indirect cooling. As a result, this completely dry system eliminates all the disadvantages of underwater systems. The product leaves the system in a cold, solidified (i.e. non-sticky) state, ensuring clean, trouble-free packaging.

More than 150 Hot Melt Adhesive plants around the world are now based on IPCO Rotoform technology.

Key benefits:

  • Size reduction in liquid phase.
  • Free flowing end product.
  • High quality pastilles, adjustable from 2-30 mm.
  • No drying necesary as no contact between product and coolant.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Regular appearance, defined weight and volume.
  • High bulk density and good packaging properties.
  • Dust-free production and product.
  • Very low vapor/gas emissions.
  • Low energy consumption.


Rotoform solidification system

A typical HMA processing system consists of remelting equipment for wax, a pair of mixing reactors, the Rotoform drop depositor, steel belt cooler and downstream bagging and weighing equipment.

The upstream part of the system ensures that all ingredients of the hot melt are melted and mixed at the required temperature.

The hot melt is then fed via jacketed piping through a filter to the Rotoform system. The Rotoform deposits the hot melt onto a continuously running steel belt in the form of defined droplets where solidification into consistently sized pastilles takes place. The solidified pastilles are collected in a buffer vessel ready for weighing and bagging.


HMA processing system:

Complete system capability

We offer complete hot melt processing systems, covering everything from initial system design, through solidification, right through to granule packaging solutions.

Plants offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing quick and easy switchover between different types of hot melts.

We can carry out trials on your own products, using the pilot units available at our Productivity Centers, and we will use our extensive experience to ensure that your IPCO hot melt processing system meets your specific objectives.