Subcooling melts

Supercooling enables difficult subcooling melts to be solidified by producing a homogeneous suspension of crystal nuclei in the melt.

Pastillation of subcooling melts in supercooling plants

We have been supporting the chemical industry through the design of innovative cooling and solidification systems since 1935. We understand that not all chemicals behave the same way and have developed an extensive range of solutions to meet these challenges. 

Among these is a highly efficient supercooling system for the pastillation of melts that remain liquid even when cooled below their melting point. Known as subcooling melts, these chemicals lack the crystal nuclei required for standard crystallization and solidification. 

We have designed, supplied and installed supercooling plants for customers around the world. Each incorporates everything from the precrystallizer heating/cooling equipment to the Rotoform, steel belt cooler and measurement and control equipment. 

Typical applications for our supercooling process include: 

IPCO supercooling in numbers



viscositiies up to – mPas



more than supercooling systems worldwide


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