IPCO has an in-depth understanding of materials
processing requirements and we translate
this knowledge into advanced process
solutions, supporting our customers
success in the marketplace.

What we do

We are a world leader in manufacturing of solid and perforated steel belts and equipment used for improving productivity and quality in the processing of products as diverse as wood-based panels, food, film, floorings, advanced composites and more.

One system, endless opportunities

We are proud over our unique product portfolio in the industry of Double Belt Press systems: modular system design – modular pressure!

Our modular approach to system design means we can combine different types of processes into one continuous production process.

This multi-stage approach, incorporating controlled polymerization, curing and cooling in a single system, enables the development of a multitude of highly efficient, sustainable process solutions. Always coordinated to produce the optimum end product.

Another major benefit: The horizontal process sequence without deflection of the product avoids material tensions and is therefore a further guarantee for perfect final results.

Advantages of IPCO’s double belt presses include:

Customer cases

Double belt presses covering the entire temperature and pressure range using steel belts and PTFE belts

IPCO provides three types of double belt press systems for different pressure levels:

ThermoPress TB – low pressure system

The ThermoPress TB is a low pressure system with PTFE-belts, optimized for continuously consolidating and compacting two or more materials.

ThermoPress CB – higher pressure possibilities

The ThermoPress CB is a CombiBelt Press combining the advantages of PTFE-belts with the higher pressure possibilities of steel belts modules.

ThermoPress SB – high pressure and temperature advantage

The ThermoPress SB is a steel belts solution providing high pressure and temperature advantages.

ThermoPress CB system diagram with Rewinder

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