High productivity solidification solutions for base ingredients used in the hygiene, beauty and healthcare industries

The world of hygiene, beauty and healthcare products is estimated to be worth in excess of $500 billion a year and encompasses everything from shampoo, toothpaste and laundry detergent to lipstick, nail varnish, moisturisers, eye liner and anti-aging products.

Manufacture of all of these begins with specific base ingredients and as a producer you need these materials in a form that allows easy transportation, storage, handling and dosability.

There are literally hundreds of different types of base ingredients – fatty acids, fatty alcohols, waxes, organic compounds, pigments, resins, surfactants and more. Whichever your products need, you can process them quickly, reliably and cost effectively on an IPCO solidification systems.

We have more than 40 years’ experience of designing solidification solutions for the wider chemical industry and this has resulted in the development of a family of systems suitable for processing base ingredients used by the hygiene, beauty and healthcare industries.



We have systems for producing micropastilles as small as 0.8 mm diameter, and solutions for batch processing of between 10-20 kg/hr (important if you’re using expensive materials in relatively small quantities), all the way up to models capable of handling 100-500 kg/hr.
The Rotoform process converts the melt into solid beads of a defined and consistent size, a form that is free flowing and ideal for handling, storage, dosing and blending. And the reliability and control of the system means you can reproduce the same uniform shape, stability and quality over and over again.

Rotoform capacity

from small scale



up to



These include all-stainless steel framework and piping and the use of food grade lubricants. As the product is cooled and solidified directly on the steel belt, this is an area that requires particular attention. Instead of using a rubber V-rope, a separate belt tracking system ensures that the steel belt remains hygienically clean.

Other features can include:
• Special materials for seals and gaskets.
• Belt drive instead of chain.
• Enclosed belt washing box and jet air drying.
• Electric light in the product feed area, video recording in the beads discharge area.
• Stainless steel oscillating discharge knife.
• Drum heating.

IPCO bead production in numbers

Versatile up to





mm diameter



Rotoform systems installed worldwide


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