Battery Technology and Separator Materials

Separator membranes and ceramic tapes with outstanding consistency, quality, and efficiency are key for your fuel cells and batteries.

Continuous, consistent, quality

IPCO’s film casting technology produces high-quality, stable battery separators in continuous production.

Our steel belt casting process creates a homogeneous layer of liquid product with unparalleled consistency of thickness and tolerance, crucial for separator battery material.

This control over line speed, temperature, moisture, and air speed enhances efficiency, production rates, and quality.

Technology to match your innovation

The shift towards electric vehicles necessitates advancements in battery technology. IPCO’s technology supports the production of Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, and solid-state batteries with high-precision film casting systems. Our continuous film casting system significantly enhances the process, allowing for the production of film products with extremely narrow tolerances.

Our steel belts are instrumental in manufacturing high-precision products like films and ceramic tapes, essential for battery separators in Li-Ion batteries, which are often as thin as 10 microns.

Beyond battery separators and ceramic tape, our technologies also produce:

These have a huge variety of uses in the electronics, pharmaceutical and medical industries, plus many more, highlighting the versatility and innovation of IPCO’s battery technology solutions.

Precise control over quality

Our solvent-based casting process gives you precise control over line speed, temperature distribution, moisture, and air speed, ensuring optimal membrane formation and drying. Our process maintains a high level of tolerance, guaranteeing the roundness of the drum within 5 µm and precise tolerances for belt thickness and flatness. This leads to efficient continuous production, significantly reducing faults and imperfections in your final product.

IPCO systems deliver

Our high steel belt specification

Belt grade:
-1000 SA VAR for PI, Tac, PVA, PC
-1200 SA VAR for acrylic
-1200 SA AOD for ceramic, medical membrane
-1650 SM for PP, CCL, ceramic
-1850 SM for ceramic up to 300mm

Typical belt thickness: 1.1mm
Belt width: up to 3 meter (2 meter in single strip)
Belt width tolerance: ±0,5mm to max ±1mm
Thickness tolerance: ± 10 µm
Surface roughness: Ra < 0,1µm
Polishing grade: PF0, PF1, PF2)
Precise belt tracking system: ± 1,0 mm

Venturi dryer for speed and quality

Our Venturi dryer technology offers a substantial enhancement in product quality and thermal/heat transfer performance compared to traditional dryers. Notably, it contributes to a significant reduction in the length of the drying section, thanks to the availability of a wider belt (up to 2m) and an even distribution of airflow across the width. This leads to an increase in production capacity, with customers achieving double the speed.

More about Venturi dryer

Battery technology in numbers

Belt width


Or 2 meters in single strip



µm. Steel belt thickness tolerance.


+/- 1.0

K. Heating/cooling accuracy.

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