Lightweight materials

Transform production of high-strength, high-quality, lightweight materials efficiently and at scale with our technology and expertise.

Race towards sustainability  

In the changing word of e-mobility and transport, stay ahead of the race for stronger, lighter components with IPCO’s specialist products and services.

Our technologies, including double belt presses and scattering systems, can help you create the high-performance, high-quality, lightweight materials you need – efficiently and at scale.

Time to shift gears

As the automotive industry accelerates towards more sustainable practices, you need innovative processes and technologies to keep pace with global demand.

At IPCO, our products and services are geared up to help you shift away from traditional materials towards more efficient lightweight materials.

Transport solutions of tomorrow

Lightweight materials play a crucial role in improving fuel efficiency and overall performance of vehicles, and IPCO has the technology and expertise for you to explore new materials and manufacturing techniques for the transport solutions of tomorrow.


IPCO is the world’s leading manufacturer of double belt presses and scattering systems for the production of advanced composite applications, inclusing pre-pregs of:

Customized solutions for all types of composites 

IPCO is the world’s only double belt press manufacturer offering you systems based on Teflon belts, steel belts and a combination of both. Our ThermalPress TB series uses Teflon belts and his design for consolidating two or more materials. The steel belt-based ThermoPress SB range enables heating and cooling under pressure and is used for high quality thermoset and thermoplastic composites. And our patented ThermoPress CB system is a combo belt solution that delivers the best of both worlds. Each is available to you with a choice of pressure modules enabling the supply of customized solutions for all types of lightweight materials.

This versatile technology allows you to produce a wide range of high-quality composite materials. We have recently introduced the benefits of ScatterPro to the world of industrial 3D manufacturing. ScatterPro systems can be operated as standalone units or combined with ThermoPress systems in fully integrated end-to-end production lines. 

Double belt presses


Scattering units


Delivery time


months – ensuring swift adoption of sustainable practices

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