Rolling roads

Gain the competitive edge in the fast-moving world of tire testing and wind tunnels, where precision meets speed on our steel belt rolling roads.

High-quality belts for the automotive industry

Fine-tune your vehicle designs with our high-speed, straight-edged, precision-engineered belts designed for the automotive industry, including Formula One.

Precision and reliability

IPCO steel belts are designed for you to use in wind tunnels and tire testing, prioritizing precision and reliability.

We use martensitic grade steel belts, able to move at super-high speed.

IPCO rolling road belts:

Rolling roads in numbers



km/hr. Operating at speeds of up to 70 m/second – approximately 250 km/hr.



meter. A range of lengths, widths and thicknesses.



SM. Our belts are made from low-carbon, martensitic, precipitation-hardened stainless steel.

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