Rubber vulcanizing

IPCO solid steel belts are an essential component in the vulcanizing/curing of rubber sheet, conveyor belts, floor panels, printing boards, boat material and other rubber products.

The belts are also used in Rotocure presses for laminating thin particle boards with decorative film, and for other board applications.

  • Continuous vulcanising of rubber sheets and conveyor belts.
  • Continuous welding of plastic films for wall or floor coverings
  • Laminating of thin particle boards with decorative films
  • Production of PVC conveyor belts

High productivity, high quality

The S-shaped path and high temperatures/pressures of a vulcanizing press places high stresses on the belt. We are able to offer steel belts with the strength, stability, thermal performance and fatigue resistance to deliver a long working life and keep downtime costs to the minimum.

While rubber-covered wire mesh belts are still used for certain applications (e.g. ultra-thin products), solid steel belts offer a range of advantages for materials with a thickness ≥2 mm and on systems where heat is delivered from both sides, i.e. a heated drum in combination with radiated heat delivered by the steel belt.

  • Outstanding evenness of surface/thickness
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Unparalleled durability
  • High reliability for low downtime
  • Up to 2x speed of mesh belt presses
  • High productivity for attractive return on investment

As the quality of the belt is reflected, quite literally, in the quality of end product, surface finish is critical and we can deliver to any specification, down to 0.1 μm.

Open or endless belts to any specification

Our experience in supplying original and replacement steel belts for continuous rotating vulcanizing presses means we have the know-how and technology to produce belts to virtually any specification, and can supply them either ‘open’, coiled for on-site welding, or in pre-welded and ground ‘endless’ form.

Applications across the rubber industry

The smooth hard surface, unparalleled durability and excellent thermal properties of IPCO steel belts make them ideally suited to applications across the rubber manufacturing and processing industries.

  • Rotocure vulcanizing presses
  • Laminating/bonding operations
  • Single/double belt cooling, e.g. rubber sheet
  • Rotoform® pastillation, e.g. stabilisers and rubber additives
  • Supercooling process
  • Conveying incl. drums, tensioning systems etc.