The steel belts have been used for conveying goods through bake ovens for almost 90 years and remain the preferred baking medium for many product types. These include real butter cookies, part-baked bread, granola bars, pizza bases, chocolate brownies and cakes.

This versatility has seen a number of major bakery operations upgrade existing bake ovens to IPCO steel belt conveyors, while others have invested in completely new lines. Either way, our experience of working with bake oven builders and conveyor machinery specialists ensures that the upgrade process is as quick and efficient as possible.

Steel belts are available in solid or perforated form to meet different application requirements. In both cases, the excellent thermal properties of the belt deliver efficient baking and a crisp, attractive base, while the hard, smooth surface ensures easy, clean product release.

The exceptional durability of a steel belt means that a working life of 20+ years is not unusual, making the lifetime cost – and overall return on investment – extremely attractive.

Complete belt solutions

While steel belts are central to IPCO’s service, the company is able to supply entire conveyor systems, including all components parts, and has an application team to manage installation and upgrade projects anywhere in the world.

Our Compact Belt Tracking (CBT) device is compatible with virtually any belt edge detector system, the CBT unit manages tracking by tilting the belt using a linear actuator. It is easy to install, self-supporting, and available in sizes to suit belt widths from 600 mm to 3000 mm. Options include stainless steel construction and a choice of controls, e.g. simple logical or sophisticated PID.

New cleaning process for enhanced hygiene

One of the major benefits of a steel belt is ease of cleaning. There are no hidden gaps in which bacteria could collect, and the smooth, hard surface can be cleaned using heat, scrapers, brushes, detergents, chemicals or any combination of these.

IPCO has  its own innovative QuickCleaner system, specifically developed to remove the carbon residues – and potentially hazardous acrylamide – that can build up on bake oven belts. The cleaning medium – a combination of sodium bicarbonate and calcium phosphate – is blasted at the belt a high pressure, removing the residue without damaging the steel.