As an OEM or bakery, you need a bake oven belt that will produce a consistently high quality end product; reliable, trouble-free operation; easy cleaning and an attractive return on investment. 

We are the world’s largest manufacturer of solid and perforated steel belts for continuous bake ovens and have the products and experience to help you maximise the performance of your oven. The unique qualities of a steel bake oven belt – including excellent heat transfer and thermal conductivity – combine to give you an extremely efficient baking medium resulting in an attractive baked product and high productivity.  

We can also help you increase the efficiency of your existing bake oven lines through a combination of process expertise and a comprehensive range of conveyor components.  

To our engineers, the bake oven belt acts a window into your whole baking line. By understanding how the overall system is performing – and identifying potential issues before they impact on production – we can help you maximise oven uptime and in turn the profitability of your bakery.

100+ year experience

Low weight


% energy / heat savings

Max. belt width





times longer than mesh



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