The perfectly flat and smooth surface of a stainless steel belt conveyor means there are no crevices or textures in which germs could hide and breed, and the inherent strength of the material means it is resistant to damage, again minimising risk of cuts where microbes could develop.

Above all though, the use of stainless steel allows thorough and effective cleaning by whatever means is most appropriate. This superior cleanability was highlighted in a report published by Finnish food laboratory VTT Expert Services Ltd., confirming that risk of bacterial build-up can be reduced, simply by upgrading to a stainless steel conveyor.

Easy-to-clean steel belt conveyors

As a flat, smooth, hard and inert conveying medium, a steel belt conveyor can be cleaned quickly and efficiently using heat, pressure, brushes, detergents or chemicals.

Low environmental impact

The benefits of easy cleaning are not limited to health and hygiene matters. Low water consumption and reduced use of cleaning chemicals or detergents means lower costs and less impact on the environment, while faster cleaning results in less downtime.

Clean conveying

Our Clean Conveyor features a stainless steel framework with access for cleaning, and no narrow gaps or other hard-to-reach places in which dirt, debris and bacteria could otherwise collect. The framework is designed to minimize the risk of water pooling after cleaning. All bearings are food approved and lubricated for life with food-approved lubricating grease. The motor is food-approved and has IP65 protection.

Cleaning and sanitising belts

Our QuickCleaner system is an innovative cleaning and sanitising process that removes the carbon residues – and potentially hazardous acrylamide – that can build up on bake oven belts.

Hygienic food processing

If you need to convey, heat, bake, chill, cool, solidify, pastillise, freeze, steam or dry any kind of foodstuff and you need to do as efficiently and hygienically as possible, a IPCO steel belt solution could help you do it better.