As a major supplier of polymer modified (PMB) and oxidized (hard) bitumen forming systems, our experience in this field has led to the development of two highly efficient solidification systems for granulation and block forming:

Rotoform granulation

The high product temperature required for tar pitch, asphaltene and hard bitumen – up to 300°C – meant that, for many years, the granulation of these products was economically unviable.

However, the development of the Rotoform HT (High Temperature) system changed all that, opening the door to the efficient and cost effective solidification of these previously difficult to handle products.

Read more about our Rotoform granulation systems and about our model Rotoform 4G HT in particular.

The highly uniform shape, stability and quality of Rotoform bitumen pastilles makes them ideal for packaging, storage, blending and further processing.

High speed block forming and packing system

Some end applications are better served by bitumen in block form rather than pastilles. For this, we have developed an extremely efficient system that produces regularly sized packs – directly from receipt of the molten product – in little more than 15 minutes.

Read more about our High speed block forming and packing system.