World leader in Sulphur Processing and Handling

Whatever you need to do with sulphur – process it, store it, handle it, load it or transport it – at IPCO we have the technologies to help you do so efficiently, cleanly and safely. 

We have worked in partnership with the oil and gas industry for over 70 years, supplying and supporting sulphur processing solutions to customers the world over. We understand your business needs and priorities, and can supply the plant and process expertise to help you achieve them.  

We ensure that your sulphur solidification and handling systems deliver maximum productivity and ROI through a combination of market-leading performance, easy operation and exceptional levels of reliability. And we can help you do all this while at the same minimising your impact on the environment.  

Sulphur granulation and handling solutions to meet your production needs  

We are a global industrial process company developing high productivity solutions across a range of applications including sulphur solidification and handling.  

Choose IPCO as your partner in sulphur processing and handling and we will deliver the precise support you need, from market leading sulphur solidification solutions to end-to-end systems covering everything from receipt of molten sulphur to storage and loading of solid material. 

In short, we have the technology, the industry understanding and the global service capability to help you achieve your business objectives and production targets, wherever you are based. 

From liquid sulphur to shiploading
Sulphur solidification for low to high capacity requirements


Runtime in hrs/year 


Our sulphur handling systems can deliver operational reliability in excess of 8 000 hours/year.

Rotoform units


With 700+ installations to date, Rotoform is the world’s favourite sulphur granulation process. 

Global aftermarket support to protect your investment  

When you choose IPCO as your supplier, you’re entering into we hope will become a long-term partnership in which we support you using the skills and industry understanding gained from our many years’ experience of meeting the needs of the world’s oil and gas refineries. 


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