Sulphur processing & handling

Single source supply of complete end-to-end systems from receipt of molten sulphur to loading of solid material

World-leading in sulphur processing and handling

IPCO is a world leader in sulphur processing and sulfur handling, offering a single source supply of complete end-to-end systems from the receipt of molten sulphur to the loading of granulated sulphur and solid material. Since 1951, we have delivered comprehensive solutions to hundreds of companies worldwide, enhancing both safety and efficiency in sulphur handling.

Our manufacturing capabilities include equipment for molten loading for truck and rail, block pouring, a full range of sulphur solidification technologies, downstream storage and reclamation, as well as bulk loading for truck, rail, and ships. This comprehensive offering ensures the seamless transition of sulphur through each phase of processing and handling, from liquid to solid form.

Sulphur granulation systems for all throughput requirements

In terms of sulphur granulation, we provide systems to meet all throughput requirements. Our Rotoform granulation system, ideal for small to mid-size capacity needs, is recognized globally as the most widely used process for the production of premium quality pastilles. It offers unrivaled product uniformity and environmentally friendly operation. Specifically, the Rotoform S8 and Rotoform 4G HS models have been developed for efficient sulphur granulation, producing granulated sulphur with the highest quality standards.

For operations requiring higher capacity, our sulphur drum granulation system offers a fully automated, once-through process based on advanced rotating drum technology. This system is designed to meet the needs of large-scale sulphur processing and solidification, ensuring consistent product quality and operational efficiency.

End-to-end, turnkey solutions for sulphur processing and handling

Our expertise extends well beyond the solidification stage, covering every aspect of sulphur processing from the receipt of molten sulphur from the SRU, through a complete range of downstream handling operations. Our ProCool system, for instance, automates the adjustment of liquid sulphur feeding temperature, optimizing performance and meeting the highest quality requirements for sulphur granulation.

By providing turnkey solutions, IPCO takes full responsibility for each project, from initial design to final implementation. This comprehensive approach not only ensures full system optimization but also delivers significant cost savings through project efficiencies, reinforcing our commitment to leading the industry in sulphur processing and handling solutions.


Have a look at our Rotoform sulphur solidification and handling project at Hellenic Petroleum, Elefsina, Greece: