Pharma & Medical

Precision film casting, granulation and scattering systems for processing of pharmaceutical and medical products.

High productivity process solutions for the pharma and medical industries

Our process systems have been used and trusted by the chemical and healthcare industries for decades and are now increasingly used for the production of quality- and hygiene-critical pharmaceutical and medical products.

Developing and adapting our technologies to meet the specific requirements of these industries means we understand your business needs and the importance of GMP and/or FDA compliance.

Our close partnership with businesses like yours – in particular through R&D work at our Productivity Centers – means that product development is a constant process and new applications are emerging all the time. Below are just some of the applications for our current technologies, but please contact your local IPCO office if you would like to work with us to look at new opportunities.


Our high-polish steel belts can help you manufacture high-quality films and membranes for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries:

Our film casting systems ensures GMP-compliant design, high standards of precision, and outstanding reliability. 

Continuous, high-rate production

IPCO technology ensures an efficient, continuous production, with precise tolerances for membrane thickness and flatness, as well as uniform conditions for the phase separation process, considering temperature and humidity variables. The resulting film has a consistent and uniform structure.

Complete lines 

IPCO can design and manufacture complete lines for the production of varying types of film and membrane products. Our products are also compatible with other technologies and products.

IPCO’s film casting units give you ultra-efficient continuous production to cast very thin films to fine tolerances. This process can be used to produce microporous membranes of a quality unattainable by any other method.”

IPCO film casting in numbers

Film thickness


µm – precision casting to fine tolerances

Steel belt width


or 2m single strip

Drying time


a third faster than using Venturi dryer

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