Typical film casting applications include:

  • Optical films (TAC, PVOH)
    • Applications: LCD top film
    • Film thickness: 30-200 μm
  • Filter membranes (Nitrocellulose)
    • Applications: filters for pharmaceutical and food applications
    • Film thickness: 40-100 μm
  • Ceramic tape (Polymeric binders)
    • Applications: semiconductors, fuel cells, solar cells
    • Film thickness: 200-300 μm
  • Battery (LI-ION)
    • Applications: Battery separator membranes
    • Film thickness: 10-50 μm
  • Edible films (Soluble polymers)
    • Applications: pharmaceutical capsules, pills
    • Film thickness: 40-50 μm

For the manufacturing of the above mentioned products, IPCO offers film casting units which can be supplied/equipped with the following components:

  • Steel belt units with fine grinded or mirror-polished steel belts with precise belt tracking.
  • Venturi drying unit.
  • Application systems like slot dies from TSE Troller.
  • Precipitation sections for the membrane manufacturing.
  • Belt cleaning systems.

Our solutions cater to a broad spectrum of applications, from edible films to silicone membranes, underscoring IPCO’s commitment to innovation and quality in the pharma and medical industries.