Full lines for Powder Coating Production

IPCO is an OEM of full powder paint or powder coating production line equipment. Upon receiving the blended dry raw pre-mix (resin, filler, extender, pigment, curing agent, recycled additive and more) our equipment can uniformly convert the blended pre-mix into a homogenous material according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Our range includes equipment with unrivalled throughputs as well as with commercially pleasing alternatives, depending on the needs of the manufacturer.

example of

IPCO Side-Fed PCX extruder + PCCB Steel Belt Cooler

Side view
Top view

We strive to work closely with our clients to achieve unhampered operations with seamless maintenance. As a future leading brand our intention is not only to promote new installations with our technology, but also to support our clients with maintaining existing equipment (no matter the brand) or improving them with our technology, if compatible.

example of

IPCO Top-Fed PCX extruder + Custom Frame + PCCR Compact Cooler

Concept reproduction of High Volume Top Fed IPCO PCX Extruder on a Custom Frame + PCCR Cooler

So wherever you are, and no matter what you use to produce thermosetting powder coating materials we should be able to support you from extruder feeding all the way through to the cooler’s flaker.

example of

IPCO IPCO PCX22|29 + PCCR Small Batch Line

For only Laboratory applications consider the IPCO SCX22|25 + LCC

Example of

IPCO production line technical drawing for client consideration

Example of PCX33|29 drawing covering the needs of its new owner.

All solutions are developed with the client and include approved drawings covering bespoke needs. Look out for or 3D configurator coming soon!


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