Meeting the global demand for environmentally-friendly powder paint

There is an increasing global demand for driving a reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) commonly used in liquid paints. Powder paints however provide a clean and attractive alternative to VOCs with virtually no atmospheric pollution, safe storage and handling and low fire hazard. For this reason, the market for powder coatings is rapidly expanding. Our integrated powder paint systems ensure an efficient, low-energy consuming and environmentally friendly operation.

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Global support ensures maximum productivity

With operations in more than 130 countries worldwide we can provide a genuinely global service. We cover everything from installation and commissioning to in-house training, repairs and spare parts. Our services include “best practice” maintenance training for in-house teams, tailored support packages designed to resolve potential issues before they impact on production, scheduled maintenance visits and spare parts held on site. Also, we have a global network of trained and qualified engineers who can respond to requirements anywhere in the world.