SCX Extruder Range

In listening to the global market it has become clear there is a great need for a high quality, however more commercially minded extrusion equipment. IPCO, not wanting to shy away from quality nor challenging markets, tasked its designers to develop equipment for less throughput demanding clients, which the PCX extruders would be more geared for. The target client would prefer a more dedicated extruder to run more standard and consistent material batch runs. The result is our SCX Extruder range.
SCX22|25 Extruder typically used for small lab batches.

Key SCX Features:


Barrel Length

Consistent Volumes

IPCO SCX Extruder Range

The SCX 22|25 lab unit is the first in the range launched in 2023 and soon, on demand, we will be launching the higher volume units. So watch this space for more updated information. If this is a line of interest to you, we encourage you to discuss your needs further with us.

Equipment offering


These brochures do not yet include the SCX range.

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