Pulp & paper

Advanced steel belt based process solutions for paper & pulp manufacturing.

Our advanced processes and extensive manufacturing experience enable the production of the ultra-wide steel belts required by the paper and pulp industry, and we are able to deliver steel belts up to 10.0 m wide and 18.0 m long, endless welded.

The long nip press principle used in paper and board based on steel belt technology delivers increased capacity and quality in production.

Key benefits of steel belts in paper/board processing include:

IPCO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel belts used in the production of pulp, board and paper with different technologies. We are proactive in terms of research and development, continually improving the tolerances we can offer – thickness deviation, flatness and straightness.

Steel belt grades used in pulp/paper production are IPCO 1650SM and IPCO 1500SAF.

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