Oil skimming

This innovative technology uses the qualities of a steel belt to separate oil from water and reduce pollution / contamination.

Continuous separation of oil from water using a steel belt 

Oil and water don’t mix but it’s not always easy to separate them. Whether it’s coolant or lubrication in your engineering process or expected contamination of wastewater, we have a range of oil skimmers that will enable you extract oil from water. 

The process relies on one of the many outstanding qualities of the steel belt. In this instance, the fact that oil adheres to the surface of a steel belt far better than water does means oil can be collected and removed by simply immersing the skimmer into the liquid to be separated. 

As the steel belt moves through the oil / water mix, a film of oil will collect on the surface while the water drips off. The oil is then scraped off and collected from both sides of the steel belt. The process is continuous and delivers a separation rate of almost 100%. 

IPCO oil skimming in numbers



separation rate of almost



separation capacities up to


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