The Productivity Center provides us with a facility from which to showcase the world’s most extensive range of double belt presses and precision scattering machines under one roof, together with associated upstream equipment and a dedicated metrology laboratory.

As well as creating a unique center of excellence, a place where ideas and innovation can flourish, this investment also gives us the tools with which to support you in developing the flooring, composite and nonwoven products of the future.

Product testing and batch production

Our press systems are used for impregnation, lamination and consolidation, and all are available for product testing and small scale batch production. We also have a range of scattering machines that can be used for testing with or without press systems.

We want you to see this 1600 m² facility as an extension of your own in-house R&D work, a place where, with our support, you can carry out:

  • Customised product development
  • On-going R&D
  • Process testing
  • Prototype production
  • Accurate measurements

Please contact your usual IPCO representative for more information on the systems and support available, and to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Scattering systems

Our precision scattering systems are used to deposit powder, granular or fibrous products onto a carrier material before being formed by pressure and/or heat.

Test systems available in widths from 800-1200 mm, together with several different scattering rollers. Scatterers up to 1800 mm wide available for lease.

Typical applications: flooring, composites, non-wovens, textiles, wallpaper, food and chemical products, etc.

Static press

This compact, versatile unit is ideal for pre-testing purposes. Accurate heating, cooling and pressure controls enable quick and easy assessment of samples with minimal material input.

Typical applications: assessment of process feasibility and production of prototype samples.

ThermoPress TB

This press features PTFE-coated belts and counter pressure elements. Capable of incorporating several process stages in one continuous system, it is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Typical applications: multi-layered materials, mixed thermoplastics, flooring e.g. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) products.

ThermoPress CB

This press delivers the best of both worlds. PTFE-coated belts are used through the system, but significantly greater pressure can be applied via steel belt modules in the consolidation zone.

Typical applications: resilient flooring, technical textiles, fiber/metal composites.

ThermoPress SB

This high-pressure steel belt-based double belt press technology is a multistage system that can incorporate a series of heating, cooling and pressure zones, with temperatures up to 350 °C.

Typical applications: artificial stone, fibreboard, high performance metal/plastic composites.