Graphite skid bars
Graphite skid bars provide support for the belt while also depositing a fine layer of graphite on the underside. This graphite layer protects the belt by both preventing corrosion and allowing it to slide easier over metal supports.

Cast iron skid bars
Cast iron skid bars from IPCO are precisely chemically formulated and produced to prevent scratching and other belt damage that can occur when using inferior sliding supports.

 Graphite station
 A standardized and easily retrofit solution for delivering the optimal amount of graphite deposition to the underside of the belt.

Bearing housings and frames

IPCO provides a range of high quality standard sized bearings and housings as a retrofit for any application. The benefits of using IPCO designed bearing housings and frames: their precision adjustability (many standard solutions lack the adjustability necessary to keep belts tracking straight) and maximized lifetime of the bearings.