IPCO conveyor belts are, as standard, delivered in a cold-rolled condition with a mill finish and have well-rounded edges. The conveyor belts can be supplied in open lengths, with the ends prepared for welding on site, or in endless condition with a welded joint.


For tracking, the conveyor belts can be provided with V-ropes, either rubber or in the form of a specially designed steel spiral. If required, the product side of the conveyor belts can be fitted with retaining strips to keep the conveyed material on the belts, or with transverse stripes to prevent material from sliding backwards when the belts is steeply inclined.
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Durable and hygienic

The strength and durability of the steel conveyor belts, combined with its hygienic properties, make it suitable for conveying a wide range of product, from hot to cold, corrosive, abrasive or heavy.