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IPCO Conveyor Belts: Engineered for Performance

Innovation in steel for 120+ years – precision engineering meets expert craftsmanship

IPCO’s steel conveyor belt systems have been used for conveying and processing operations for well over 120 years. They are used in furnaces and freezers, in chemical works and candy manufacturing, and in print works and presses. Our industrial conveyor systems are uniquely versatile conveying mediums, with applications running into the hundreds if not thousands, and new applications continuing to be discovered to this day.

Steel belts

We supply conveyor belts solutions for use across wide range of industries including wood-based panels, food, chemicals, oil & gas, composites, paper & pulp, and many more. We supply OEMs and end users, and we also offer a range of conveying and processing units of our own. This ability to meet the needs of a diverse range of markets is built on a combination of manufacturing expertise and a steel belt grade program that allows us to specify the best possible material for any given application.

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Steel belts


IPCO’s conveyor belt systems are, as standard, delivered in a cold-rolled condition with a mill finish and have well-rounded edges. The conveyor belts can be supplied in open lengths, with the ends prepared for welding on site, or in endless condition with a welded joint.

Heavy duty conveyor belt for industrial processing

For tracking, the conveyor belts can be provided with V-ropes, either rubber or in the form of a specially designed steel spiral. If required, the product side of the conveyor belts can be fitted with retaining strips to keep the conveyed material on the belts, or with transverse stripes to prevent material from sliding backwards when the belts is steeply inclined.

IPCO tracking system solutions

Durable and hygienic

The strength and durability of the steel conveyor belts, combined with its hygienic properties, make it suitable for conveying a wide range of product, from hot to cold, corrosive, abrasive or heavy.

Steel belts for hygiene processes

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