Covered/open stockpiles

Our custom-built stacking and reclaiming systems can be used to deliver stockpile solutions for any capacity or location. These can be circular or rectangular, indoor or outdoor, and the high angle of repose of sulphur pastilles (typically 28°) allows the development of high capacity stockpile solutions.

The use of luffable stacker booms keeps the boom tip as close to the stockpile as possible, minimising the drop height to reduce the risk of damaging the formed sulphur.

  • Open or closed storage.
  • Portal and semi-portal reclaimers.
  • Simple hoppers and belt feeders, front end loaders.

Open silos

We can also design, manufacture and install storage silos with top loading / bottom reclamation equipment.

  • Closed silos for small to medium capacity storage.
  • Large capacity, concrete storage silos.
  • Gentle handling of formed sulphur.
  • Designed to highest safety standards.


We can provide a full range of conveying and elevator solutions to suit all requirements and environments, and can design systems with the minimum number of transfer points for clean and efficient operation.

  • Wide belts to enable reduced velocity.
  • Static-conductive conveyor belting.
  • Dust-tight conveyor design with transfer skirts and enclosed transfer points.


All loading systems are equipped with chutes designed to deposit materials with the minimum amount of dust generation.

  • Cascade chutes slow down material drop to minimise dust.
  • Level sensors reduce drop distance.
  • Dust skirts beneath chutes contain any remaining dust.

Truck loading

Our bulk materials handling team can design, manufacture and install truck-loading equipment to meet any requirement.

  • Telescopic loader with level sensors to reduce drop distance.
  • Continuous truck loading.
  • Single or multiple loading bays.

Rail loading

Rail loading systems can be designed to meet any requirement, with solutions for continuous or stationary loading.

  • Telescopic loaders with level sensors.
  • Loading up to four rail cars at once.
  • Continuous loading via pivotal arm.

Ship loading

We offer four types of systems for ship-loading: stationary, linear travelling, radial quadrant and mobile units.

  • Telescopic loaders with level sensors.
  • Telescoping, luffing, slewing and shuttling.
  • Remote control units.


We can supply complete bagging systems suitable for 50 kg bags or big bags (500 / 1000 kg).

  • Pre-weighers.
  • Open mouth bagging, automatic closing.
  • Metal detection.