Extrusion and cooling systems

Since the early part of the 20th century IPCO continues to be a leading supplier of steel-belt based cooling systems. In addition IPCO has become an established manufacturer of co-rotating twinscrew extrusion equipment along with compact cooling solutions.

IPCO now offers integrated production lines directly suited for thermoset powder coating production, which is adaptable for other applications. Taking a dry blended mix through a homogenisation process by means of feeding, melting, dispersing, distributing, solidifying (cooling) and then flaking materials for further processing. IPCO provides a one-stop extrusion solution from feeding to flaking, both with its own equipment as well as in supporting alternatives in the field.

Extrusion – Twin Screw Extruders

PCX Open Clamshell Barrel

IPCO manufactures its own range of efficient extruders primarily for the extrusion of thermoset powder paint, however IPCO can produce the units to suit alternative applications. Features include:

General Specifications:

The design is a combination of IPCO design engineering integrating class leading OEM components and IPCO innovation based around extensive experience with the operator and productivity in mind. OEMs would be detailed in our proposals or on request. Our current ranges are the Premium PCX range, which offers the highest industry throughputs as well as versatility, and then the more Commercial SCX Range, which maintains the fundamental technology and quality of the PCX, however is more modularised and and with a less intensive powder specifications. These units are best suited for clients who desire cost effective solutions for dedicated lines.

Cooling to Flaking

PCCR Chill Roll Compact Cooler in out Italian demo centre

Our cooling and flaking systems are available in two forms: steel belt-based cooling conveyors and multipolymeric composite belt chill roll compact coolers with throughput capacities from 100 – 2,500 kg/h. The steel belt delivers significant advantages in terms of durability and ease of cleaning, while the Multipolymeric composite belt allows the design of more compact systems for installations where space is at a premium and when the product to be processed is fast curing.

Powder Paint or Coating Production Equipment Solutions

IPCOs extrusion systems has a primary focus of extrusion of thermosetting Powder Paints (Powder Coatings), however IPCO is open to discuss alternative applications as required. Let us know your application below.

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