IPCO has developed a high speed, high output packaging system. In little over 15 minutes this system can transform bitumen asphalt melt into wrapped, palletized packages.

Hot fluid asphalt is fed onto the IPCO steel belt cooler. Chilled water is sprayed on the underside of the belt, and air is blown from above. The smooth, durable surface of the IPCO steel belt provides an ideal surface for the temperatures and loadings involved.

At the end of the belt the solidified asphalt bands are cut into consistently sized slabs that are stacked to form blocks. These in turn are automatically shrink-wrapped in polyethylene foil and transferred to pallets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Two workers can operate a plant producing 10 000 tonnes per year.
  • High output of the system, thanks to total time from liquid bitumen to palletized packages of little over 15 minutes.
  • Low cost polyethylene packaging.
  • No need for unwrapping when remelting the packs.
  • Regular pack configuration means easy loading and unloading and optimum use of storage space.
  • Environmentally friendly indirect cooling process, with low noise, and fumes easily removed from above the system.