The belts are available in thickness from 0.60 to 2.00 mm (0.02362 to 0.0787 in.) with thickness variation less than or equal to 80 µm.

IPCO polished steel belts are delivered endless or as open-length belts. Our services include, for example, on-site installation including cross-welding and polishing of welding line. We do also offer re-polishing of belts and can make ‘spot repairs’ at customer’s site.

Types of polished steel belt

IPCO polished steel belts are extremely flat and smooth and characterized by exceptionally high surface cleanliness. This is due to the material being produced via electroslag remelting (ESR) or vacuum arc remelting (VAR), which gives the material very low inclusion levels.

Surfaces according to specific needs

IPCO can provide surface grades specific to customer requirements, such as a level of inclusion that falls between two of our standard grades. Looking beyond polishing, we can also develop unique surface patterns or a surface that, for example, delivers enhanced film release properties.