Powder scattering machine with oscillating brush system

Versatile machine with an oscillating brush system for uniform scattering of powders.

Typical applications for this IPCO precision scattering unit include:

  • Adhesive powder coating and lamination
  • Decorative surface effect coating
  • Surface-finishing e.g. wear and tear, safety flooring
  • Carbon black material for the filter industry etc.
  • Impregnation

Feeding of the powder to the funnel shaped hopper is done by vacuum sucking or auger system. Inside the hopper the powder is uniformly distributed and the level is kept constant during the scattering process.

The formation of cavities and decomposition of the material is avoided through the use of a special mixer (spiked roller). The scattering roller is mounted below the hopper and is designed according to the powder size.

The powder is picked up by the scattering roller and stripped at a flexible doctor blade. The doctor blade design ensures an even dosing of the material over the whole scattering width. The scattering roller is driven by a servo drive that guarantees the scattering of the required quantity (g/m2) onto the product. A specially designed oscillating brush-off device ensures an accurate and uniform distribution of the scattering material onto the substrate.


  • Accurate and uniform distribution of scattering material w/o clouds due to specially designed oscillating brush
  • Frequency-controlled motor for the oscillating brush drive
  • Servo controlled motor for the scattering roller
  • Easy adjustment of oscillating brush with dovetail guides on both sides
  • Manual removal of the oscillating brush
  • Easy and quick change of the scattering roller due to a specially designed bearing housing
  • Flexible doctor blade to optimize the dosing of the scattering material
  • Scattering machines can be supplied with vertical and horizontal transfer system for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • A supplementary set enables this system to be changed to a rotary brush system for scattering of granules
  • Standard scattering widths from 300 – 5,500 mm