Rotary scattering machine with rotary screen

Screen scatter coater that delivers accurate and uniform distribution of very fine scattering materials.

Typical applications for this IPCO  precision scattering unit include:

  • Decorative surface coating for floorings, wall and ceiling coverings
  • Surface finishing, e.g. abrasion, wear, safety
  • Food industry, e.g. bakery

The operating principle of the IPCO rotary screen scattering process is similar to that of screen printing. The material to be scattered is delivered via a closed feeding tube featuring an integrated distribution worm screw, ensuring that the material covers the entire width.

Adjustable outlets on the underside of the feeding tube produce an even and constant flow of the material onto the specially designed V-shaped doctor blade. This pushes the scatter material through the holes of the thin-walled, perforated rotating metal screen.

The design of the screen determines the pattern with which the material is applied to the substrate or conveyed products.


  • Accurate and uniform distribution of very fine scattering material
  • Quick and easy changeover of the rotary screen
  • Manual removal of the tube with the distribution screw
  • V-shaped doctor blade for accurate scattering of the material onto the substrate
  • Precise scattering means material savings – up to 25% less scattering material required
  • Standard scattering widths from 500 – 2,500 mm