Rotoform 4G

Basic model – standard unit for solidifying low and high viscous melts.

The 4G model is the latest model to form the foundation of the Rotoform family. It is the 4th generation Rotoform, and it is the result of the expertise gained through the development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of every previous system.

This is an extremely versatile model, one capable of solidifying low and high viscous melts (up to 40 000 mPas) at temperatures up to 300 °C, and is widely used for products such as hot melt adhesives, resins and waxes.

It is also the basis for a modular system design on which we have built a series of specialized systems for particular applications:

The Rotoform 4G family:

  • Rotoform 4G HT -For melts that feed in at a high temperature (up to 300 °C)
  • Rotoform 4G FD -Meets the special requirements of the food industry in terms of hygiene and ease of dismantling/cleaning
  • Rotoform 4G AS – For abrasive & sedimenting products
  • Rotoform 4G SC – For pastillation of subcooling melts in supercooling plants
  • Rotoform 4G CR – For corrosive products
  • Rotoform 4G MC – For production of micropastilles down to 0.8 mm diameter

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