Rotoform granulation systems

The IPCO Rotoform system delivers pastilles of highly uniform shape, stability and quality in an environmentally friendly manner.

From its introduction in the late 1970s right up to the present day, our Rotoform system has set the standard against which other solidification systems are judged. More than 2 000 Rotoform systems have been installed to date, pastillising many different chemical products, from bulky mass products such as sulphur or fertilizer, all the way through to fine chemicals such as those used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, plus a wide range of plastic and food products.

The Rotoform granulation process

The IPCO Rotoform granulation system combines a Rotoform drop depositor with a steel belt cooler. Molten product is fed to the Rotoform pastillator via a pump and then uniformly deposited – in the form of consistently sized, dust-free granules – across the full width of the steel belt.

The drops are solidified and cooled as they travel along with the belt. Water sprayed onto the underside of the belt removes the heat of the product and ensures cooling of the pastilles.

The solidified product is discharged at the end of the steel belt in the form of hard, uniform pastilles of an optimal shape. The pastilles are free-flowing and virtually dust-free, and are ready for storage or bagging.

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Features and benefits

  • Direct solidification from the melt, eliminating the energy and equipment costs associated with subsequent crushing, breaking or grinding processes.
  • Pastilles of a highly uniform shape and stability for dust-free production.
  • Free flowing pastilles, ideal for handling, blending, storage and further processing
  • Higher bulk density and better packing properties than bulky flakes
  • Environmentally friendly production as cooling media as cooling media (water) and product are kept apart – no possibility of cross contamination
  • Fast cooling on the belt means very few vapor or gas can get into the atmosphere and minimizes oxygen contact of the hot product.
  • Melts with widely varying properties can be handled including viscosities from 10 to 40 000 mPas and temperatures up to 300 °C.
  • Pastilles can be produced with diameters from 0.8 – 36 mm.

Different types of Rotoform systems

The Rotoform technology has been developed over many years to meet the different process requirements of a wide range of products. Whatever challenge you need to overcome, whatever your production requirements are, we have the Rotoform system to match.

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Granulation and solidification systems made by IPCO

Have a look at our high productivity granulation systems for the chemical and refinery industries:

Good manufacturing practice

Rotoform is GPA and FDA apprived. Read more about Good manufacturing practice in relation to the Rotoform system!

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