Economical benefits of using Rotoform granulation system are, for example:

  • Initial investment costs are significantly lower than competitive systems.
  • High availability of the plant: 8500-8700 h/year.
  • Individual Rotoformer pastillation units can be stopped for cleaning or maintenance without shutting down the entire plant (unlike competitive systems), increasing efficency and lowering operational costs.
  • Very low energy use: electrical consumption just 4 kW/t of urea.
  • No need for chemicals such as formaldehyde for forming.
  • No air scrubbing necessary; no chemicals required for neutralisation.
  • Very simple process (Rotoform pastillator units uses just two motors) means maintenance cost are very low.

Low Starting costs

Rotoform granulation systems also offer low starting costs. This is to:

Delivery as skid mounted equipment
No special foundations required
Simple installation on ground floor

Highly versatile process

The fact that several Rotoform solidification lines can be run in parallel offers a high degree of versatility and the ability to handle anything from 100 to more than 2500 tpd. It is also easy to change over to partial operation without stopping production or affecting product quality.