Rotoform pastillation system offers, for example, the following benefits:

  • Pastilles of a large and uniform size
  • Excellent size distribution
  • High average crushing strength
  • High shock resistance
  • Low abrasion during handling
  • Low visible dust generation
  • Low biuret increase
  • No formaldehyde required
  • Free-flowing product
  • Excellent field distribution

Up to 300°C (572°F)

Products with melting temperatures up to 300°C (572°F) are suitable for this process as are those with viscosities from 1 to 50,000 Pas. IPCO Rotoform pastillator is available with different configurations to process a wide variety of chemicals, as well as food.

A preferred product form

In 2009, farmers in Northern Germany were the first to be offered the choice of Rotoform-produced urea pastilles, and the results were extremely

Trials showed that farmers preferred pastilles to prills for their regularity, size and dust-free quality, and were prepared to pay a premium for this product.
(Source: Raiffeisen HaGe, Germany).