Rotoform granulation system combines a Rotoform drop depositor with a steel belt cooler. Molten product is fed to the Rotoform pastillator via a pump and then uniformly deposited – in the form of drops – across the full width of the steel belt – max. 1.5 m (59 in.).

The drops are solidified and cooled as they travel along with the belt. Water sprayed onto the underside of the belt removes the heat of the product and ensure cooling of the pastilles.

The solidified product is discharged at the end of the steel belt in the form of hard, uniform pastilles of an optimal shape. The pastilles are free-flowing and virtually dust-free, and are ready for storage or bagging.

A special design with no reciprocating or oscillating parts means:

  • Minimal wear
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick handling
  • Simplified product changeover

Rotoform process control

Rotoform granulation system is controlled by a PLC controlled system with automatic flushing, automatic belt tracking and tensioning system, all safety features etc.