The IPCO SM70 is a versatile and compact unit offering predictable, high capacity throughput for the efficient remelting and decontamination of sulphur.

Nominal capacity is 35 metric tonnes per hour (mtph) with feed sulphur moisture content of 5%. Where moisture content is less than 5%, higher production rates are possible. Sulphur with a higher moisture content can be handled at lower production rates. The SM70 is also capable of handling high levels of solid contaminants.

Skid-mounted for easy transportation by truck, sea or rail, the SM70 benefits from self-cleaning features and an interactive process control system, ensuring maximum throughput rates and decontamination capability throughout a wide range of waste sulphur moisture and contaminate levels.

The self-cleaning features also ensure optimum heat transfer and decontamination capability under all conditions, while the control system maintains the process parameters within ideal ranges to get the most out of every kW of energy used.

The result is a steady-state operation at the highest levels of productivity and efficacy. Data collection, reporting and storage will be tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Predictable, maximum throughput rates
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Maximum settling capability, resulting in reduced particulates at the filters and mitigating potential for downstream contamination reduced sulphur concentration in recovered contaminates
  • Fully instrumented and process controlled resulting in hands-free operation
  • Easy to use controls, including ESD and process trend data collection
  • Metered and data-logged re-melt rate
  • Low operating cost; minimal manpower requirements
  • Low maintenance cost; stainless steel construction, proven pumps, instruments and filters suitable for sulphur service, robust design
  • Environmentally and HSE friendly; low exposed molten sulphur surface area, fume hoods and dilution fans, continuous, low dusting feed system, reduced potential for sulphur spills, limited manual labour or exposure to potential hazards – no manual contaminate removal required
  • Optional cold weather protection; insulated, fully steam traced, electrical tracing on condensate lines
  • Self contained, compact, portable and flexible; skid mounted, fully wired, all piping installed, single battery limit connection
  • Designed and constructed to meet all regulatory requirements world-wide; will meet or exceed International standards