Designed by experts in sulphur degassing technology with extensive operations experience, our liquid sulphur degasser is the new standard for reliable reduction in hydrogen sulfide.

Key benefits of this system include:

  • Maximum degassing capability, mitigating potential for downstream regulatory violations
  • Reduced H2S concentration in plant environments
  • Continuous flow through processing capability
  • Efficient use of energy

Reliable and efficient reduction of hydrogen sulfide

Molten sulphur is pumped through the degassing reactor where billions of tiny air bubbles transfer the H2S gas from the molten liquid to the headspace of the sealed reactor tank.

A carefully defined volume of catalysts is then introduced, quickly reducing the hydrogen polysulfide molecules to gaseous H2S, resulting in the degassing of both H2S and H2Sx within the molten sulphur.

H2S rich airflow exits the degassing reactor and is transferred via ducting to an appropriate effluent treatment system, while the degassed molten sulphur is transferred to downstream systems.