Our super-mirror-polished belts are produced by polishing a IPCO stainless steel belt, but polishing alone cannot produce the surface quality necessary for film casting of the highest quality: the highest surface grades require the use of special steel materials.

We use a material called ESR/VAR, a steel with very low inclusion levels and therefore capable of delivering an exceptionally high-quality surface.

Super-mirror-polished steel belts have been used in the manufacture of photographic films and ceramic sheets. Today, growing recognition of the qualities of this unique processing material has seen film casting applications expanded to include specialist films for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on cameras and notebooks; thin films for printed circuit boards (PCBs); filter membranes for medical use and plastic films for high quality packaging.

  • Extruded packaging film (e.g. PP, PVC)
  • Optical film (e.g. TAC, PC, PVA)
  • Film for substrate use (e.g. PI) for digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops etc
  • Thin film for Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) boards
  • Filter membrane for medical use