ThermoPress CB

ThermoPress CB – CombiBelt technology combining PTFE and steel belts

These innovative presses feature dual PTFE and steel belt technologies to deliver the best of both world’s: high pressure where it’s needed coupled with investment costs significantly lower than for an all-steel belt press.

ThermoPress CB example including an isochoric steel belt press module in the high-pressure zone:

View animation: PTFE belts transport the product the entire length of the system, from feeding/unwinding, through the heating zone and ultimately to the cooling zone. However, as high pressure is required in the forming zone – between heating and cooling – steel belts are integrated into this section and apply pressure through the PTFE-coated belts.

The hybrid approach of IPCO ThermoPress CB systems allows a pressure of up to 20 bar (depending on the type of press module used, see graphic below) to be delivered to the product enabling successful processing of all product types, even thick or hard-to-process materials.

Features and Benefits

  • High-pressure modules within a PTFE belt press.
  • Low tension stress on PTFE belt.
  • Steel belt operates in one constant temperature zone (no reheating necessary).
  • Easy removal of processed material from PTFE belts.
  • Energy efficient operation.
  • Extended working life.

Pressure diagram

Pressure module options

We offer four press module options for the ThermoPress CB system (all modules can be retrofitted to existing systems).