As the company behind the world’s first steel belt and a pioneer in continuously operating double
 belt press systems since the mid-1960s, our experience in press technologies is unsurpassed.

Our ThermoPress systems are used across the world for applications such as casting, moulding and lamination, and we supply complete production systems that combine heating, reaction, pressing, cooling and tempering in a single press for highly efficient processing.

IPCO ThermoPress ranges can be divided into three broad areas:

  • ThermoPress TB – low pressure press systems based on Teflon®-coated belts
  • ThermoPress CB – hybrid press systems that combine Teflon®-coated belts and solid steel belts
  • ThermoPress SB – high pressure, high temperature press systems based on solid steel belts

Complete systems including scattering machines

Ours is a unique global offering: we are capable of supplying every kind of double-belt press, from low-pressure laminators through to high-pressure steel belt presses. We can make use of different press technologies – isochoric and isobaric – to satisfy particular press requirements (e.g. pressure, control, cost).

We can also install up to four scattering units on the extended lower belt at the beginning of the system. And we offer a full range of up- and downstream equipment including unwinding/rewinding stations, cutting/stacking equipment.

This ability to make use of the most appropriate belt materials and most efficient double belt press technologies – and then combine them with a full range of scattering and ancillary processes – enables us to design and build continuous production systems of outstanding versatility and performance.

Typical applications for ThermoPress double belt press systems

The ability to create precise heat profiles via multi-staged zones of different temperatures, enables efficient production of products including:

  • High performance composites
  • Flooring products
  • Solid surfaces and engineered stone
  • Construction materials
  • Automotive products
  • Technical textiles
  • Pharma/cosmetics/hygiene products
  • Electronics
  • Green/recycled solutions