ThermoPress systems

Double belt presses for applications such as pressing, lamination, impregnation and cooling

The modular design of IPCO double belt presses enables the combination of different types of processes into one continuous production system.

This multi-stage approach, incorporating controlled polymerization, curing and cooling in a single system, enables the development of a multitude of highly efficient, environmentally friendly process solutions.

We offer four main types of ThermoPress double belt press systems:

ThermoPress TB
These low-pressure systems are based on PTFE belts and are used for the continuous consolidation and compacting of two or more materials.

ThermoPress CB
CombiBelt presses combine the advantages of PTFE belts with the high-pressure performance of steel belt modules.

ThermoPress SB
These presses feature steel belts throughout to deliver high pressure and temperature.

ThermoPress HB
The hybrid design of these presses combine the Class A surface structure of a steel belt with the economy of a PTFE belt-based double belt press.

IPCO is the world’s only double belt press manufacturer capable of providing solutions based on PTFE and/or steel belts. As a turnkey supplier, we design and supply a full range of material handling, feeding and downstream equipment. We also offer precision scattering systems which are available as stand-alone systems or integrated into our press lines.

Assess your product on our systems

We have a full range of ThermoPress systems available for customer product development, R&D, prototyping and process testing at our Productivity Center in Germany.

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