Spring Loaded Guide Rollers (SLGR)

The benefit of the SLGR tracking system is its simplicity.
It is well suited to less complex conveyor applications
or applications where the belt is operating in extreme
environments. There are no electronics, few moving parts
and it is easily mounted to an existing conveyor frame with
little modification.

Integrated Active Tracking (AT)

The AT unit is an active tracking system that angles the
drum to create the desired belt tracking motion. Installation
of AT is best suited to cases where an end station is being
replaced or can be rebuilt, or for clean-sheet applications
where the conveyor is being designed.
The tracking effect is achieved by adjusting the position for
one of the drum bearing boxes longitudinally along the belt
length. Note that belt running direction does not influence
the tracking effect: the belt moves towards the side with
the lowest tension.
Tracking starts when one of the edge sensors is activated
by the belt edge. The tracking cycle is a pre-defined
sequence that can be adjusted according to actual

Compact Belt Tracking (CBT)

Where active tracking is required on an existing conveyor
and a rebuild is not practical, an IPCO tilt roller tracking
system provides an effective solution. These units can be
mounted in a variety of positions to an existing conveyor
and in most cases little modification is required to
accommodate them.
The tracking effect is achieved by tilting (lifting one edge
of) the belt, causing the belt to move laterally in the
appropriate direction. Belt running direction influences the
tracking effect: the belt moves to the side with the lowest
When the belt edge is activating an edge sensor, a small
logic relay controls the tilting in a pre-defined sequence
that can be adjusted according to actual conditions.

Pneumatic Tracking (PT)

This stable and proven system provides pneumatic belt
tracking control and belt tensioning, and can be used to
correct belt misalignment on steel belts with and without
Real time detection of the position of the steel belt edge
from one side is achieved by means of a contactless
inductive sensor. This triggers an analog signal from the
sensor, which actuates any necessary correction in the
electro-magnetic positioner.
• Contact free detection eliminates risk of wear to steel
belt edges.
• Reliable operation – inductive sensor is resistant to dirt.
• Basic belt tension is applied by the system at all times.
• Minimised wear and tear of the V-ropes (if installed).

High Precision Tracking (HPT)

The latest addition to our range of tracking solutions is the
High Precision Tracking system. Originally designed for the
digital printing segment, it can be used in any application
where high precision is required.
Besides delivering the most tightly controlled tracking of all
the standard solutions, the HPT also serves as a very simple
and precise tensioning system thanks to its integrated
load cells. The proprietary electronics package provides
precision tracking and tensioning in one compact package.
• High precision tracking – accuracy to +/- 0.1 mm.
• Contact free optical sensors – no risk of wear to steel belt
• Suitable for high speed conveyors.
• Integrated design – precision tracking and tensioning.